Busting myths
Busting myths


Nicotine causes the diseases related to smoking
Fact: We all know cigarettes are bad for your health and that they can cause cancer, heart disease and chronic lung disease. However, there is no evidence to suggest that the nicotine content causes cancer. It is in fact the cocktail of more than 4000 toxins in cigarette smoke that are responsible for the majority of the harmful effects. In other words, it is the delivery system, i.e. smoking, which is responsible for the vast majority of tobaccorelated diseases.
Nicotine causes yellow stains on fingers and teeth
Fact: It is not the nicotine but the tar in cigarettes that causes the yellow-brown stains on smokers' fingers and teeth.
NRT simply replaces one addiction with another
Fact: The addiction risk of nicotine in NRT products has proved to be very low compared to the risk posed by tobacco products. What makes cigarettes so addictive is the rapid delivery of a high dose of nicotine to the brain. Compared to smoking, NRT provides lower doses of therapeutic nicotine. The nicotine is delivered more slowly and over a shorter period of time with the dose being stepped down.
NRT results in weight gain
Fact: Most smokers find that they put on weight when they stop smoking. NRT works by releasing nicotine (at a lower level than cigarettes) and some forms of NRT have been shown to help you control your weight during a stop smoking attempt. If you are worried about gaining weight, concentrate on eating a healthy diet and staying active with exercise.

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